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DESI PAK comprises natural bentonite clay that has the multilayer of micropores. Thus, it is eco-friendly moisture absorbent. DESI PAK has acquired the certifications of Quality management system (ISO9001), Environmental management system (ISO 14001) and has been approved by the FDA. Also, DESI PAK meets U.S. military specification (MIL-D-3464E) and has been popular worldwide.

Existing moisture absorbents comprise Silica gel which is composed of chemicals and very acidic. However, the trend is avoiding using Silica gel with export products as Silica gel can pollute soil and is hazardous to the environment. Some absorbents are made up of natural materials, but calcium chloride is added to improve absorption capacity. Thus, these absorbents also can pollute environment as they contain high levels of chlorine.

DESI PAK consists of only natural clay, thus differs from other existing moisture absorbents composed of Silica gel or calcium chloride. The superior moisture absorption capacity of DESI PAK has been proved, especially in humidity-sensitive products such as pharmaceutical drugs, food, semiconductor, and metal.
  1. Excellent moisture absorption effect in a low humid environment
    (20 ~ 40%RH), better than silica gel by approximately 30%
  2. Antibacterial and antifungal effect (due to Al2O3, MgO and SiO2
    which is the main component)
  3. Safe to use with metal and eco-friendly because bentonite is
    alkalescent mineral clay(pH 7.8)
  4. No heat production and No releasing absorbed moisture as do not
    contain CaCl2
  5. Easy to control due to its relatively slow activation in a high humid
Semiconductortelecommunication productsmachine parts documents and paper storageelectronic partsbatteriespharmaceutical drugs foodoceanography instrumentscircuit boardmilitary weapons and equipment caroptical instrumentsmedical instrumentsmuseum storage musical instrumentsspace technologysafecamera filmand other products requiring
   moisture absorbent
Size and type
  1. Products vary in size and types (0.5 ~ 1,200 g); size and quantity can be customized
  2. Tyvek or non-woven fabric packaging and can be produced as individual or roll type
  3. In case of Tyvek packaging, 1-ounce unit can be produced
  4. U.S. military specification (MIL-D-3464E) packaging
  5. 1 UNIT (approx. 33 g) can absorb 4.0 ~ 4.5 g of moisture at 25°c and 20%RH, and 7.5 - 8.0 g at 40%RH
Packaging material Non-woven fabric
(Individual type)
Non-woven fabric
(Roll type)
Size    - 0.5~25g
   - 30 ~ 100g
   - 250 ~ 1,200g
   - 0.5 ~ 2g
   - 25g
   1 ~ 4 unit
   (1 unit = 33g)